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A warm welcome to all our prospective residential and commercial roofing clients. Are you overseeing a new construction project? Do you own a commercial property that needs some roofing repairs, or are you a homeowner faced with a colossal roofing emergency here in Leavenworth, KS? You have officially stumbled upon the most trusted partners in the roofing industry. No matter the size or scope of your roofing needs, our certified and licensed contractors have got the foremost roofing solutions to satisfy your requirements. Our years of satisfied customers speak volumes of our reputation. We encourage you to browse our roofing services and find the best fit for you roofing project.

About Us

Leavenworth Roofing Company is a roofing company that delivers what it promises. Staying on par with all the ongoing roofing technologies and advancements in the roofing industry enables us to be the best roofing contractor in Leavenworth, KS, and the surrounding area. Whether we install a brand new metal roof for your business or repair a minor leak at your home – your roofing needs are met with the utmost highest standards and top-quality roofing materials, and all delivered with courteous customer service. And have we mentioned how experienced and well trained all our staff is? That’s right! Our licensed contractors will surpass expectations regarding professionalism and how knowledgeable they are about roofing styles and solutions. We offer all of this at unbeatable prices. It is our greatest privilege to serve our neighbors in Leavenworth, KS, and the surrounding areas.

our skilled team employs industry-leading techniques and top-grade materials to deliver results that exceed expectations

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Our Services

We can’t stress this enough – your roof is arguably the most important structure on your home or business premises and is often the most neglected – out of sight, out of mind! At Leavenworth Roofing Company, we aim to address this fallacy through our wide array of excellent roofing service offerings. Why not add value to your property by booking an inspection and upgrading the damaged parts of your roof in dire need of resurrection? Our talented team members have vast experience in roof repair and patching leaks and will do their utmost to save you money. However, in some instances, repairs might not suffice, and we would have to replace your roof altogether. Although roofing systems can be expensive, we can offer our roofing replacement services at very competitive rates that may surprise you. Allow us to show you why we have the reputation we do by giving us a call today!

Residential Roofing

Leavenworth Roofing Company fully comprehends how uniquely residential projects differ from commercial ones. Your home’s roof is personal, and so are our residential roofing installations, repairs, and maintenance services. Our team members take the time to evaluate each roof and custom make a plan for each home, depending on its needs. Our clients consistently talk about how exceptional and affordable our rates are, not to mention their impression of our wide array of roofing structures and solutions.

The process starts with evaluating your current roof and ensuring that a new roof if needed. If so, we will tear off the existing roof and immediately begin installing the new roof so that your home is not exposed for any unnecessary amount of time. If the weather does not allow a quick removal and installation, we will plan accordingly and phase our work so that your home is protected throughout the entire process. Once the old roof is removed, we will evaluate all of the underlayment and sheeting to see if anything else needs replaced. If it does, we will be ready to act quickly so that it does not delay the process.

You will stay involved throughout the entire process and we are available to answer any questions that you have. We offer several different roofing options for your home. From sheet metal to aluminum to asphalt shingle roofing – we offer the best solutions for them all! All of our roofing materials come with varying color options as well. No longer do we live in the days of simple dull black roofs! You can choose the perfect roof color to compliment the rest of your home or business and pull your curb appeal all together perfectly. With us, no homeowners need to settle for the second-best. Call us for a roof consultation and keep your roof in mint condition. Call us for a free estimate!

Commercial Roofing

Our commercial roofing reputation precedes us. We are known for providing superior roofing services for all our clients in the Leavenworth property industry. No need to search any further. Our past commercial roofing projects will impress you. We can install, repair, upgrade and maintain any type of roofing system. From standard shingles to more eco-friendly structures. At Leavenworth Roofing Company, we are proud to state that we can also provide our clients with various flat roofing systems – creating more space for your business or hotel.

There are various benefits of commercial roofing installation. The first thing is the improvement of the safety of the building. It will address the issues related to exterior access like the poorly attached ladders, hatches, scaffolding, and neglected roofing elevators. For businesses, we will also help you to deal with rodent and pest droppings, unsafe electrical lines, and conduits, not to mention slippery surfaces and the walkways. Loose tiles and missing shingles are hazards that may cause issues for your inventory. If you trust us to help with these problems, we will help with the renovation of your commercial structure. You will save on the repair and maintenance expenses by having everything handled at the same time.

We understand the time your business is under construction may cost you customer flow and revenue, so we work quickly to finish with your project as quickly as possible. Just ask the many happy business owners that we have served in the past – you will love your new roof, and even more, you’ll love the cost and efficiency of our team! As a successful business owner, we understand you don’t have the time to keep up with the maintenance of your commercial roof. We can do scheduled inspections to keep your roof in tip-top shape! Let us shoulder the burden of maintaining your roof so that you can get back to what matters – growing your business! Call us today for a free estimate!

New Construction

Over the years, we have worked with several high-profile contractors on both commercial and residential properties enabling us to become more experienced in coordinating with important stakeholders like project managers. It means we get roofing constructions done that meet all quality and standard checks. We have also managed to refine our construction consultation process, guaranteeing that our roofing designs meet client expectations every time. We understand the delicate time constraints your new construction project is under – and we will ensure you that our team members will do their part to deliver your roof on time. Call us today for more information on all of our new construction roofing options or ask any questions. We would love to schedule you for your free consultation!

Roof Replacement

We are proud to announce that we can now offer our clients extra security when completing a roof replacement project. Before construction kicks off, we will present our clients with a contract – this way; we ensure that client queries and concerns are not overlooked. We are committed to establishing an open line of communication with every client. A roofing company that understands how important it is to protect our client’s most valued assets. The usual response to roof damage is procrastination as you may think that it is not worth the money or several other things are worth spending your money on than a roof, especially during a pandemic.

However, every day you put off taking care of the already developing problems will add to the final cost when it is no longer something you can ignore. One of the things you should consider is the fact you are providing a haven for all sorts of bugs and critters. When the roofing deteriorates, holes and cracks allow animals to come in and infest the roofing spaces. It usually spirals from there depending on the kind of animals that are common to your area. These infestations will cause electrical and plumbing issues, not to mention ruining your insulation while making a home for themselves. Even plants are not harmless. The mold that begins to grow from the crevices infiltrated by moisture will rot any organic part of the roofing, meaning you will have to deal with structural issues and the water damage which results.

Not all of the reasons behind roof replacement are related to the age of the roof. There is also the aspect of weather or storm damage that happens to the roofing. Wind storms, for example, can tear away the shingles, and the result is bare patches that would have to be re-roofed. Even when there are high winds, the debris is thrown everywhere, and that would sometimes damage the roofing materials, allowing for similar issues of water damage and so forth. Damage incurred from hail pummeling the roof can appear in the form of dimples on the shingles. If it is heavy, though, it will crack the sheath underneath and punch holes through the material. It can even crack or break skylights or vents.

A roof inspection is warranted following significant weather events because this is when the most damage happens within the shortest time. Other elemental problems may lead to premature aging of the roof as well. If an asphalt shingle roof is maintained the right way, it can last between fifteen to twenty-five years. The problem is ice dams, continuous precipitation, and mildew will reduce this longevity. Ice dams form during the winter months in the roof valleys. Water collects in these sunken places and freezes. It stops the flow of water, allowing for other debris to collect, which becomes a problem.

The ice dams can encourage the formation of mold in these areas, and when they melt will lead to increased water damage because of the already weakened structural integrity of the house. You can get ahead of this by replacing your roof when it starts to have these symptoms regularly. We handle all of the tears out of the old roof. We clean up every last trace of your old roof and discard it all properly. Before installing your new roof, we do a quality check to make sure the entire roofing structure is solid and will hold up to weather for many more years to come. We offer many different types of roof materials for your new roof. Call us today to discuss the benefits of sheet metal, aluminum, steel, asphalt shingle, or other roofing material type for your roof!

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Roof Repair

We specialize in all sorts of roof repairs, whether you need a colossal hole repaired or if there is a minor problem like a few warped metal roof panels. Roofing repair is something you need to prioritize before things get out of hand. The sooner repairs are done, the less you will need to spend on it in the long term. Everything that has to do with roofing damage gets worse with time. A hole in the shingles will develop into an entire one missing. If you have the beginnings of a leak, it will lead to water damage and so on. There is no right time to deal with roofing repair. Once a problem presents, it’s best to handle it as soon as possible.

Air quality is another surprising reason why you should do those repairs as soon as possible. Damage to the roof means there will be vents not accounted for, so humidity and heat can build up, or there may be heat loss for no apparent reason. If you are not careful, mold can grow within those crevices and affect the air quality leading to allergies and respiratory issues. Like anyone needs that at this time. Mold is quite challenging to eliminate as it’s not just patching a hole and moving on. Before it gets to this point, call us up and let us help you do the necessary. 

You will also save on your insurance premiums. If you request a contractor as soon as there is roof damage, the insurance may cover most of the claim depending on the matter. They would also have an incentive then to reduce the overall premiums on the mortgage, mainly if the job is done comprehensively. If you wait too long to get it done, you might only benefit from the basic repair costs, and by that time, yet the neglect requires a more intensive action. At Leavenworth Roofing Company, we live by the following motto when performing repairs: repairing through a proper and effective maintenance plan that doesn’t break the bank. If you notice any irregularities on your roofing system, don’t delay approaching us for routine repairs straight away.

Ours is an all-in-one solution for extending the lifespan of one of your most valued assets, your roof. Most items start to degrade with time. That is especially true for roofing because it suffers from daily temperature changes and weather from rain to hail and snow. By allowing us to do maintenance, you will get to stay ahead of the problems springing up. That includes damage to your property, whether residential or commercial. Often, you do not get to see the roof leakage until it is too late when the furniture is getting drenched. When we do schedule checks, it becomes easier to track damage before it becomes apparent. Brown, grey, or yellow stains are one of the signs that the roof leaks, and it is something that should be investigated. Once this is solved, you do not have to worry about deterioration, leading to roof replacement at a higher cost.

You also get to maintain the overall beauty of the home or business. For commercial buildings, the exterior matters a lot because potential customers get their first impression of your business based on how your building looks. If you have let the roofing go, so it does not look maintained, it sends the message that a lot about your operation is also lacking. Something that looks well maintained says that you are responsible and like to keep things in check. Customers want to be associated with these ideals and would stick with you if this was the case. From the residential perspective, roofing maintenance increases the chances of selling at a fair price or even higher as compared to the neighborhood average. That is because yours looks much better than theirs.

The other advantage of roofing maintenance is the energy advantage to be gained. Damaged roofing is one reason behind high utility bills because the air conditioning keeps trying to keep up with the cavities in the home. That means it is working overtime and those results are reflected in how much you spend on electricity every month. By keeping up the maintenance of your roof, you will get to enjoy better insulation levels in the house and reduce energy loss while saving a lot of money.

Maintenance significantly extends the life of the roof. The normal lifespan of roofing depends on the locality and materials used, but it can range between 10 to 30 years. Though, the ones that get to this age are regularly cared for by repair, cleaning, and sealing the roofing, so it is more durable. That will help with saving money because new roofing installations are not often required. So the integrity of the roof is something of utmost importance. Of course, a missing shingle is not necessarily something of a big deal, however, it does lead to weak areas where the water and the wind would wreak havoc over time. If you compare the costs of repairing single shingles over the entire roof, you will find that it is much less.

Problems need to be solved now, so you reduce the chances of needing emergency roof repair. By getting to the weak areas and dealing with them immediately, it becomes possible to shore up the rest of the roofing. When we have completed an inspection of your roofing structure, we will devise a maintenance program that compliments your budget and extends your roof’s life cycle by a guaranteed 2-3 years. Even if you have recently installed a new roof, maintenance from the get-go is vital in detecting defects early on. By being proactive from the start, you can avoid costly damages and repairs in the long run.

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