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We are all about establishing working relationship with all our clients. At Leavenworth Roofing company we want you be able to see what we see when completing a roof inspection on your commercial or residential property. Accomplishing this requires loads of roof savvy on our part. Sharing your roof’s condition or when making maintenance recommendations, we do so through our 50-point visual inspection, digital roofing documentation and other leading strategies known in the roofing industry. After an inspection is completed, you will be presented with a routine maintenance plan or which actions are needed to repair defective issues.

Inspections expose defects.

At our roofing company here in Leavenworth, Kansas – we can’t stress the importance of scheduling a roof inspection enough. Like anything that’s left unchecked – roof deficiencies and defects can develop into costly and serious problems. Don’t leave your building’s operations prone to malfunctioning rather schedule an inspection. By doing so, you automatically extend the service life of your property. Plus, the value of your most beloved asset will remain high. With regular inspections and a routine maintenance plan, you will know exactly when roof replacement is necessary. Flag those defects with our extensive and accurate inspections.

Annual vs. Bi-annual inspections.

Our clients do ask us if they should complete annual or bi-annual roof inspections. Our answer is simple – annual inspections are necessary to execute a roofing maintenance plan effectively, but it mostly depends on the type of roof and material used to install the roof. Remember the main aim of maintenance is to extend the life cycle of your roof. Simple – more life extensions mean more inspections. Weather conditions especially extreme temperatures will have a huge impact on the roofing assembly structure and therefore exposure to these conditions will call for more maintenance. Give us a call and we will help you in scheduling your long over due roof inspection.

It is all about safety.

Basically the safety of the inhabitants of your building should be your number one concern and priority. In the event that a roof fails, people’s lives are in jeopardy which makes you as the asset owner liable – nobody wants to entertain expensive law-suits or be held responsible for putting someone’s life at risk. A regular roof assessment can address all these negative consequences of a failing roof system. During inspections, Leavenworth Roofing Company will spot any potential hazards that might compromise the safety of your building’s occupants. It is usually water infiltration that is to blame for such roofing failures.

Roofing maintenance programs.

When our clients call us for an inspection so that we can compose a maintenance program customized for their specific roofing maintenance needs, we are often bombarded with the age old question of why clients should fork out more money especially after they recently paid copious amounts of money for repairs or replacements. That’s exactly why. The cost of the maintenance plan far outweighs the destructive roofing failures that awaits. Our annual maintenance plan will extend your roof’s services life by 2-3 years and as we have hammered upon – maintenance avoids business operations coming to a halt and avoids future costs and replacements.



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