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Our roofing company has been serving general contractors and homeowners with commercial and residential new roof construction projects for many years. What’s really important during construction projects is an experienced operations team that can coordinate work effectively with construction management to get your roof done perfectly and on time. Designing a new roofing system can only be successful after numerous consultation sessions – that is why we at Leavenworth Roofing Company schedule several meetings before putting pen to paper. Our licensed and experienced project leaders will inspect your site as well, just to double check that both interest parties have the same roofing goals in mind.

Benefits of our newly constructed roofs.

Our newly constructed roofing systems are assemblages that provide cover for your home, buildings, commercial and recreational areas. We can offer our clients different roof forms and shapes constructed with various industry approved materials. When we construct your new roof, your roof will protect building structures beneath from harsh weather conditions, provide structural support for superimposed loads, suppress possible fire spread whilst meeting aesthetic criteria. Plus, we can offer all our clients a construction guarantee – your roof will definitely stand the test of time. We bet our newly constructed roofing installation service can compete with the best roofing companies in Leavenworth, Kansas.

Metal Roofing as a new construction material.

Metal roofing systems are fantastic for new commercial construction products due to its outstanding durability, design flexibility and low life cycle costs. Many commercial property owners are choosing metal roofing such as restaurants, schools, banks and warehouses. At Leavenworth Roofing Company, we can’t be more confident in recommending metal roofing to our clients as it is easy to design and install, customization for your roofing requirements have endless possibilities ensuring your design needs are met. For aesthetic appeal, we have a range of products, colours and gauges up for selection. What makes our company stand out from the roofing crowd? Our on-site fabrication solutions – tailoring every sheet of the way.

Aluminium Roofing for new constructions.

With a very unique look, an inert metal that will serve for decades to come. Leavenworth Roofing Company has successfully used aliminium roofs in cottage construction, construction of residential buildings and other relevant facilities. There exists many reasons for why we highly recommend this type of roofing system for new construction projects – it does not fade, resistant to most of nature’s harsh and unpredictable nature, very flexible design options and the fact that your newly constructed aluminium roof will last for up to 100 years. And when we install, our roofing contractors use sheet fastenings to compensate for possible deformation of the roof, giving you a complete sealed roof.

How we do construct.

Before we can begin the design and construction of your new roofing system, you would have to give us a call after which one of our customer services representatives will schedule a consultation. One of our highly experienced and professional roofing contractors will visit your home or business site and complete a roofing assessment. After taking various factors into consideration and weighing these factors against your roofing goals, we will provide you with a detailed construction plan outlining which roofing material, shape and colour is best for your building, whether commercial or residential. When you approve the costs we quoted, our roofing team will start construction immediately and ensure that we work closely with the general on-site contractor to complete the project under budget.



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