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Leavenworth Roofing Company offers roofing replacement solutions that guarantees our clients lasting durability that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your building. You might need to replace your roof if a storm has swept in and a fallen tree has caused irreversible damage to your roofing structure. Although, roofing systems should last up to 25 years, early replacement might also be inevitable due to several other reasons including poor attic ventilation, improper installation or low-quality roofing materials. Our roofing contractors will inspect your roof and establish if full replacement is your only option. And if we have to replace you can choose from a variety of roofing systems – ranging from sheet metal roofs to eco-friendly options.

Replacement Costs.

Since your last roof installation costs have increased substantially. Let’s look on the bright side, with increased costs come higher quality products which means your roof will most probably outlast you! Plus, the value of your property will increase drastically. Now for roof replacement calculation costs. We calculate according to square footage, more square footage means more materials. Next, our contractors consider the pitch of the roof, as a higher pitch requires additional security equipment which might need to be outsourced. And for the grand finale, the type of roofing material, appearance and warranty will influence the cost. Do you need a rough estimate? Give us a call and we can give you a ballpark amount.

What to expect during a roof replacement consultation.

During a in-house consultation, a Leavenworth Roofing Company service representative will communicate the various roofing solutions best for your home or workplace. We can offer multiple shingle options to meet your budget and style – including architectural and designer series. Each with unique and appealing looks giving your building an appearance that will turn your neighbour’s heads. For us, roof replacement is only part of the process. We care about additional roofing fixtures that not only makes your building appear beautiful, but ensure that your roof functions optimally. Seeing that replacement is an expensive project, our representatives will discuss your financing options.

Roof replacement contract.

Before installation or replacement can commence, we present our clients with a contract. The contract will contain very important roofing info tailored to your specific roofing needs. Our customer service representative will answer all the questions that might spring up during the contract review. When you are completely satisfied with all the clauses in the contract, we give the green light and the materials are delivered at your premises. Leavenworth Roofing Company commits to maintaining a clean working environment and to protect your assets by employing only the most advanced safety standards in the roofing industry. Communication is key – and we devote ourselves in ensuring an open line throughout the project.

Eco-friendly roofing options.

If you have to replace your roof, you might as well go green. There are so many green roofing products on the market each with unique advantages and disadvantages. But they all have a few common benefits like being more durable, kinder to the environment and more energy efficient. Your energy bill will decrease dramatically, as an eco-friendly roofing system eliminates your reliance on heating and cooling systems. Now you can brag at dinner parties about how you are releasing fewer greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, adapting a low carbon footprint lifestyle. You will be the talk of the town. Inquire about which eco-friendly roofing system is best for your building needs.



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